Shaping a more responsible future

The Henriot family’s history is rooted in a passion for great terroirs and a wish to pass on a legacy. As custodians of a rich heritage and expertise, our companies are committed to preserving this heritage and protecting the environment.

Domaines committed to preserving heritage

The Fondation Mérimée

The Fondation Mérimée, an officially recognised non-profit organisation, is dedicated to preserving, protecting and restoring France’s most important historical heritage. A founding patron since the Foundation’s creation in 2008, the Henriot family and its Domaines have gone on to become corporate sponsors. They decided to create the “Grand Prix Henriot de la Restauration” (the Henriot restoration award) to support the owners of “historical monuments of important heritage interest” who embark on what are often audacious preservation or restoration projects that respect traditional and local expertise.


The Burgundy wine region’s Climats

Another of our important commitments, championed by Bouchard Père & Fils, is “Les Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne” (The Climats of the Burgundy wine region).

These Climats (specific vineyard sites combining vine plots, grape variety and know-how) are supported by an association whose role is to protect the authenticity and integrity of the Burgundy Climats following their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Since 2020, the “Climats du Vignoble de Bourgogne” association has been chaired by Gilles de Larouzière Henriot, who succeeds Guillaume d’Angerville and Aubert de Villaine.

Eco-friendly viticulture

A positive impact

Our domaines’ vineyards are either certified as being organically grown or are in the process of obtaining this certification. Every year we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our work in the vineyards and to preserve and even enrich their biodiversity. Everything that can have a positive impact in this respect – organic and biodynamic growing, agroforestry, ploughing, canopy management, the pruning methods used, plant cover – is put into practice.

This commitment to the environment reflects our ethical mindset as well as our conviction that these practices improve the longevity of the vineyards and the quality and precision of our wines.

Our domaines have committed to reducing our environmental impact: 80% of carbon emissions come from the distribution and packaging of our wines. We are therefore evolving all of our practices and processes to drastically reduce their impact on the environment.