An independent, international two-hundred-year-old company

Today, the eighth generation of the Henriot family, Gilles de Larouzière, is leading the company whose origins go back to the founding of Champagne Henriot in 1808.

The history of the Henriot family is shaped by a passion for the terroir and the wine as well as a sense for entrepreneurship and legacy. United by the Henriot family, each of the Houses share the same passion and family values at their core.

Driven by a spirit of conquest and sharing, Maisons & Domaines Henriot is famous around the world for its exceptional Houses. From New York to Tokyo, Paris and Milan, the champagnes and wines of Bouchard Père & Fils, Henriot, William Fèvre and Beaux Frères find their place on the most prestigious and convivial tables, where they provide unforgettable moments of pleasure.

A commitment to values


A commitment to values


The spirit of sharing that drives Maisons & Domaines Henriot originates from its deep family roots and goes beyond simply conserving the name and the heritage. It also means passing on the expertise and know-how and sharing the talent of the winegrowers, vineyard workers, cellar masters, sales staff and employees of each House. They are the craftspeople who, over time, build the value of the terroir, the Houses, and the brands.


Maisons & Domaines Henriot’s entrepreneurship encompasses the spirit of independence and freedom, and guides its strategic decisions. Conducting such a business requires a long-term vision and form of management, in line with the long time frame of the vineyards. It ensures continued freedom, agility and audaciousness. The awareness of environmental and societal stakes is also at the core of that commitment and vision.

The emotion that is brought by the terroir bonds the work of the winegrower and the cellar master with the pleasure experienced by the customer. The quest for excellence, through a pure and elegant expression of the greatest terroirs of Champagne, Burgundy and Oregon, results in conveying emotions to wine lovers and collectors around the world. The culture of enjoyment and emotion is the basis of a lifestyle that involves the senses as much as the mind.


Collegial governance


Collegial governance

Maisons & Domaines Henriot has a familial and independent governance system led by two governing bodies: the Board of Directors, chaired by the eighth generation of the Henriot family, Gilles de Larouzière, and the Executive Committee. It guides and channels a common culture driven by excellence, performance, and long-term viability. The governance relies on powerful brands, managed by the Houses themselves, who develop their own strategies based on their heritage, the culture of their terroirs, and the excellence of their wines. The Houses are supported by two direct distributing subsidiaries in France and in the United States.

Maisons & Domaines Henriot’s family-owned legacy ensures the continuity of its spirit of independence and its freedom to decide its own destiny.